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Bookmakers are divided into two categories: online and offline. Online agencies ( or internet ) are those that have a website where we can open an account and place bets where we live on that site . Agencies offline ( or neighborhood) are those that have locations in several cities , and we must every time we move to one of these agencies to bet .

In some countries the first quarter bookmakers occurred decades or even hundreds of years ago , while betting online and barely have appeared since 1996-1997 . Even so, bets on the internet became popular very quickly and came to be more advantageous for both bookmakers and sports betting. In the following we present 10 reasons why serious punters should make the transition to online.

1. Ability to bet anywhere, anytime
An agency of the neighborhood is usually open from 10:00 to 10:00 p.m. , or at most until 00:00. Some bettors feel the need to gamble at night especially if it occurs at a Grand Slam tennis tournament or any important football tournament in South America and North America . Betting sites are open 24/24 and we can use at any time of day or night.
The site can be accessed both on PC and on any phone or tablet , wherever you are in the country . There may be times when you want enough to gamble but can not reach a bookmaker . Whether youre in the car, at work, at school , stadium or a mountaintop far from civilization , you can place bets using mobile site as long as you are connected to the Internet. 3G Coverage exist on almost the entire country , so it should not be a problem . Some online bookmakers also have their own mobile application to facilitate further placing bets .

2. Zero Fees !
Offline , any bet is charged 5% of the value. Also, any gain that exceeds the amount of 600RON is charged 25% .On the internet are exempt from these taxes , which means that we earn money online more substantial money than offline.
For example, suppose we put a note 10RON at the rate 300, both online and offline. If we win , we have a gain of 3000RON online and offline 2850RON (because of tax of 5% ) . Of the amount exceeding 600RON (ie the sum of 2250RON ) have to pay a tax of 25 % and 562.5RON . We remain the only final amount 2287.5RON , which is much smaller than the gain 3000RON that we have the internet.

3.High reliability
Many gamblers are afraid to put money online because they believe that such exhibit their card details and personal information . Online betting agencies must follow certain rules in order to operate legally ruin . All transactions taking place on its site are secured by SSL tokens so that your data can not be stolen . The agencies must have operating licenses , and to account for independent authorities in case you will not pay or customer abuse case .

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